5ive: King's Court

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5ive: King's Court
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A unique card game for 2-4 Players, up to 6 with expansion. Fast, fun, easy to learn. (Ages 6+, 15min). Assemble your 5ive to rule!

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C$13,809.50 / 430 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: July 2017
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Base 2-4 Player Game (5ive: King's Court)
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5-6 Player Expansion (5ive: King's Court)
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Learn About Our Project:

A game where alliances are useless, and compassion is for the weak. Complete your King's Court and assume dominion over your gaming table!

5ive is a set-building game where the very nature of gameplay interferes with your competitors plans, forces evolving strategy, and choices on every turn can change the outcome!

In the King's Court, your role is to play actions that result in each of the members of your court (The King, Queen, Knight, Bishop and Rook) being in play. Each member of the court must complete a specific action before being added to the court, and multiples of any member can be added for security.

The game takes just a few minutes to learn, and a round takes from 10 to 20 minutes to play.



Some Comments from Our Beta Playtesters:

“…an easy game to get into with simple concept that lets you start playing without having to learn tons of stuff…” – K.N.

“It’s fun, quick and easy to get into” – F.S

“…the simplicity, quickness, and size of this game make it a hit for those times you want something fast and not much thinking…” – G.

“Overall everyone found it a fun game to play. Its quick and easy and you can play multiple games in a short time period.” – K.N.

“we really enjoyed the game and can see it being played in the future camping or as a light filler while waiting for other friends to show up to game. Nice job!!” – M.I.



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The game mechanic was devised by Luke Wilkinson, and the GameStax team had great fun playing the mechanics demo. We printed several sets of the single word cards and battled it out. Along the way - we found that likening our five cards to a 'team' of some sort added to playability. Soon we were adding symbols and colors to ensure we had created the full set.

After a lot of searching and brainstorming we arrived at the King's Court. Using the home row of a Chess set for inspiration, the King, Queen, Knight, Bishop and Rook formed the core five - or 'the 5ive'.

We couldn't settle on just one theme for the first deck, so we had a brilliant illustrator devise artwork for all of the possible sets of 5 in the game. Zombies, Aliens, Elder Gods - you name it. And since each court is filled by one of the 5ive - your court will be different nearly every time you play!






Manufacturing games in bulk requires a printing process with large minimum quantities to keep the per unit costs low for you. We can also achieve higher quality this way rather than expensive one-off printing and hand assembly.

Every aspect of producing this game has costs (material, printing, coatings, shrink wrap, instructions, box, wrap, packaging...) and they all have minimum quantities with assembly and shipping costs.

I am also shipping everything by overseas container to help contain per unit costs. These large upfront volume costs help make the individual game affordable. I have learned much from my other successful crowdfunding campaigns. Remember there is a double shipping whammy for most as the product needs to get from the factory to the fulfillment warehouses and then onto you. 

We have add-ons to pledges so you can get extra copies of the game.

Each multiple of $20 CAD (~$15 USD) in additional pledge will provide you with an extra copy of the base 2-4 player game. This is a blended rate that includes the base game with shipping. 

Each multiple of $30 CAD (~$23 USD) in additional pledge will provide you with an extra copy of the base 2-4 player game AND the 5-6 player expansion cards. This is a blended rate that includes the base game, expansion pack, and shipping.

To add an add-on to your pledge, follow these steps:

1) Press the 'Manage Your Pledge' button above. If you have not pledged yet, it will say 'Back this Project'.

2) Increase your pledge in the 'Pledge Amount' box by the total of the add-ons you want to add. 

3) After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive a survey that will ask you questions. There you will be able to select how you would like the extra add-on pledge amount assigned. This is where you will select the extra base and/or expansion cards.

David Papp is a technology pioneer who loves games, especially board games. He is a serial entrepreneur involved in many different ventures and continually creates new products and services.

 GameStax was born through a series of exciting successes. It started when David successfully ran 3 crowdfunding campaigns, the latest being a Kickstarter for his universal game accessory product called UberStax. This helped establish a good relationship with major game and hobby distributors and retailers who now carry UberStax in North America and Europe. The feedback from the gaming community was awesome, and the momentum continued when a friend of a friend approached David with the idea for a new game. Thus, GameStax was born to publish new table top games such as 5ive with the first edition, 5ive: King’s Court.

A limited beta run was manually assembled for 5ive: King’s Court and sent out to over 30 play-testers for review in late 2016. We have received excellent feedback, much of which has already been incorporated into this official launch of the game. There have been easily over 1,000 play tests of the game already and we are confident you will also enjoy this game. Whether it is a time filler in between longer games, a game brought along during travel, or something you play many rounds with your kids, 5ive should be a part of your gaming library.